Everything We NAB'd to Make Remote Learning Easier at Home

Sep 19, 2021

Ok, we've been here before, so why doesn't it feel easier?

Earlier this year, we were all in lockdown and couldn't see our friends, our extended family and parents everywhere struggled with the demands of balancing full time jobs with being a full time school teacher. I truly describe it as one of the most stressful times of my life and as we go into another round of restrictions and remote learning, I honestly just want to hide under the covers and pretend it's a bad dream! [deep sigh] In reality however, I know that this may not be temporary and I need to do my best to be prepared and create a focused learning environment that allows Bella to engage with her school and make progress in her academics, regardless.

Whether your child is already on remote learning or you open your email each day dreading that anticipated notice that school is going remote, you may feel like you need to consider some additional resources. We've curated a list of items you can NAB locally, online and help make the best of a bad situation.

Check out the list and before ordering anything from overseas, visit these stores who offer tons of resources for various ages and learning stages. There is a great selection locally that even surprised me!

Bella sometimes goes to my Mom's or Aunt who live close so we still have to pack her a lunch. This cutlery set is a perfect addition to her lunch box.

Children's Cutlery Set- $21.50- NAB NOW

This cute lunch box is perfect for packing a hot lunch or a sandwich. Another mom recommended it to me and we love the variety it allows us to pack each day.

Omiebox Lunch Box- $69- NAB NOW

This is one of the best things we've NAB'd all year! A friend of mine told me she picked up several, one for every member of her family!

3- Tier Metal Utility Rolling Cart- $75- NAB NOW

These easels are great when Bella is engaged in writing exercises or math lessons. It's also helpful during art class or when we just need more space to get thoughts on paper.

Melissa + Doug Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel- $119.95- NAB NOW

As Bella advances in her math classes, these mathlink cubes make counting easier and are a fun way to figure out the answer to problems.

Mathlink Cubes, set of 100- $19.49- NAB NOW

During the first round of remote learning we had Bella on the computer, but the Ipad has provided more mobility and ease with apps that we've been asked to download.

iPad 8th Generation- $699- NAB NOW
1st Generation Apple Pencil- $147.95- NAB NOW

Add a pop of colour to your desktop. This caddy is great for organizing all the tools your kids need for school.

Color Me Creative Supply Caddy- $54.95- NAB NOW

As Bella's teacher asks questions, these dry erase boards are an easy way to jot down the answer and hold up to show in the camera.

5mm Melamine Board Kit- $6.99- NAB NOW

Every now and then a pencil comes in handy and these colourful ones have cool messages on the side like "I am noteworthy" and "make it happen" which is fun!

Graphite Mechanical Pencils set of 6- $12.99- NAB NOW

During the "offline time" when the kids are not in live classes (which is more than I would like), these exercise books help to supplement the concepts learned online.

Grade 2 Writing- $10.99- NAB NOW
Grade 1 Reading- $10.99- NAB NOW
Book of Simple Addition- $11.49- NAB NOW

Watching Bella take on new math concepts makes me feel that anything that makes the process more fun is worth NABbing!

Path to Math- $74.95- NAB NOW

Most kids probably think being at home is the best thing ever, but we have to remind them that school is a great place to learn and have fun with friends.

The Pigeon Has To Go To School- $21.50- NAB NOW

These magnetic storage bins are perfect to add to the side of the trolley cart or stick on the wall to make those markers and pens more accessible.

Magnetic Create-a-Space Storage Bins- $29.95- NAB NOW

I remember loving these pens when I was a kid and Bella is the same!

Rainbow Pen- $7.50- NAB NOW

Another activity for that "offline" time that will keep the kids busy for at least a few minutes, lol!

Paint by Sticker- $12.95- NAB NOW

Do double duty with this 2-sided board.

Chalk Board Brief Case- $29.99- NAB NOW

Each day starts off with a review of the date, the weather and the days of the week and I figure these charts will reinforce the concepts learned.

Aqua Oasis Calendar- $19.95- NAB NOW
Colorful Days of the Week Chart- $4.95- NAB NOW

We just can't get enough of cute storage containers for holding all sorts of school supplies!

Small World Pencil Cup- $6.50- NAB NOW

Danielle Paynter

Danielle Paynter is the CEO and Founder of The NAB App and has developed a brand aesthetic that mixes creativity and fun to inspire shopping! #chooseBDA