Top 10 MUST-NABS of The Week!

Sep 27, 2021

If we had some money to spend, what would we buy? There are a few things on our list, but these are the items we actually purchased or are seriously coveting this week!

With more time spent at home, we're stocking up on things that smell good, elevate our entertaining game and make cooking a bit easier in between remote learning sessions. We're also NABbing holistic beauty items for #selfcare time and making sure we stay on trend with the latest footwear that doesn't break the bank.

Check out the list below and make sure to NAB NOW, with so many cute things available locally, shopping overseas just seems like a waste of time and money!

NAB the Edit!

Kyria Longline Checked Blazer Jacket $465- NAB NOW
As soon as I saw this blazer hanging on the rack at Lusso, I knew I needed it in my life! It's perfect to pair with jeans, throw over a slip dress or pair with dress pants as we transition into Fall. I actually took advantage of Lusso's layaway program so to make the spend a little easier.

Hiker Block Heel Ankle Boots $105- NAB NOW
These boots actually look incredible in real life and you would expect these to cost way more than $105. What a great NAB that is right on trend!

Capri Brushed Gold Cutlery starting at $12.95- NAB NOW
Ever since my birthday party in April when I rented the gold cutlery set from Exclusive Events, I've been wanting a set of my own. I think brushed gold cutlery just makes every table setting look elegant and chic and I can't wait for my next dinner party!

Hester & Cook Paper Placemats -$40 available in-store only
These are one of the best NABS we've made this year. These paper placemats are absolutely gorgeous and so durable that we can use them more than once. I am looking forward to Tuck Shop's Christmas edit to use over the holidays!

Lime Basil & Mandarin Diffuser $125- available in-store only
I've been wanting a Jo Malone diffuser for a while and finally bit the bullet and have absolutely no regrets! The scent permeates throughout the whole house and keeps everything smelling fresh.

Vance Kitira Candles  - available in store only
I did an IGTV review on these candles during Christmas 2020 and we have continued to NAB these as the perfect way to create a beautiful ambiance during our dinner parties. These candles are smokeless and odorless and also come in a range of sizes to create a cool tablescape.

My favourite holistic beauty products!

Sangre de Fruta Shampoo + Conditioner $73/each- available in-store only
I did a review on this line a couple of weeks ago and it's truly a game changer. I can't imagine finding a better shampoo and conditioner and am in heaven every time I wash my hair!

Sakara Life Detox Water- $59 available in-store only
I drink a cup of water mixed with detox water drops every day and it's the best hangover cure I've found so far. These chlorophyll drops help to remove toxins from your body and keep you functioning at optimum levels.

Aura Innerbeauty Marine Liquid Collagen- $75- available in-store only
This liquid collagen is the perfect addition to my diet to keep my hair, skin and nails healthy! I love to mix the Wildberry and Hibiscus flavour in my smoothies, cocktails and teas and it has a gorgeous flavour.

Nutrifit Meals- $9-$21- NAB NOW
As a busy mom on a go, these Nutrifit meals are the perfect way to keep my diet on track. The portions are super generous and when I'm trying to eat something in between remote learning or zoom meetings, these have been a life saver!

B.yu red knit dress available @ Boutique CC

Available in-store only
We'll be showing a few more Fall looks from B.yu on the gram later this week, so stay tuned!

Danielle Paynter

Danielle Paynter is the CEO and Founder of The NAB App and has developed a brand aesthetic that mixes creativity and fun to inspire shopping! #chooseBDA