Top 10 Must-NABS of the Week!

Nov 16, 2021

It's often said that the Universe delivers what you need when you need it and I feel like that's so true lately. If you've been following NAB for a while, you know I've recently had trouble sleeping and trying to find a remedy to this issue led me to discover the effectiveness of CBD. I've also had challenges with finding balance, remaining focused and combatting Covid fatigue and honestly, it's been feeling like I'm on the path to burnout.

It's amazing how the Universe works, because just as I've been feeling like this, I was introduced to Dr. Laurie Santos, a cognitive scientist and Professor of Psychology at Yale University. I recently attended a presentation Dr. Santos gave about the science behind happiness and it has had a profound impact on how I view everything that's going on around me. I've continued to get to know more about the tools and techniques to achieve happiness through Dr. Santos's podcast, The Happiness Lab and have been incorporating a few practices into my daily life, including meditation, journaling, stretching and just being more tuned into my spirit.

This new journey has inspired me to share a few local finds that I think will bring a little joy to your life or be great gifts during this season of gratitude. Check out the list and be inspired to vibrate at a higher level!

NAB the Edit!

The Daily Essential Hemp Blend $60 - Available in-store only
I recently discovered Prima "Sleep Tight" CBD pills at Tuck Shop and they have been a game changer in helping me to get a better nights sleep. Having so much success made me curious about other CBD products and Alicia (owner of Tuck Shop) told me that The Daily pills help set you on a path for a relaxed and productive day. I haven't tried them yet, but all the 5-star reviews across the internet and the promise of a more balanced day has me excited to try!

Jillian Dempsey Gold Bar $250- NAB NOW
How gorgeous is the facial massager! It's a 24K gold vibrating bar that instantly makes skin feel and appear toned, lifted, contoured and revived. This can be used by both men and women and it's a great way to relieve tension and just relax. One of the happiness techniques I recently read about is the comfort of routines and I can definitely imagine that routinely massaging my face with this beauty will definitely make me happier!

Bermuda Journals $29.99 - NAB NOW
Capturing your thoughts and gratitude journaling has been scientifically proven to leave you feeling happier. Why not write down all those things you are grateful for in one of these gorgeous journals from La Petite Soiree. Tuck this into a gift basket, stocking or give as a gift to a friend, after all, giving to others is also a great way to feel good, so this journal is a win-win this holiday season!

Soul Magic Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics $38- Available in-store only
Learning about how I can connect better with myself and my environment is something I'm interested in these days and amongst the sage bundles and other mystic treats, I noticed this cool book at Urban Cottage. It's full of wisdom, secrets and ideas that will help you live a more enriched life and who doesn't want that!

Cotton Yoga Rug $89.95 - NAB NOW
So my daily ritual now includes meditation and the most effective time for me is following a tough workout when I'm stretching and then lying in stillness, reflecting. I normally just put down a towel, but these 100% cotton yoga mats I spotted at People's Pharmacy are a beautiful alternative that I think is worth NABbing!

Meditation Cushion $168- Available in-store only
Speaking of meditation, these zero-waste meditation cushions at Tuck Shop are another great way to meditate comfortably. These are made from recycled textiles and not only positions your lower back in the best way, but also allows you to help contribute to to the elimination of all the waste caused in the fashion industry.

Uccellini Baci $220 - NAB NOW
Exploring your body and having some quality time with yourself is another great way to find happiness! This personal device simulates the feeling of a mouth, anytime you want it, and all you need to do is add a lubricant like this Uccellini Fluid Aqua, enjoy!

Bergamot Clay Mask $10- NAB NOW
For the man in your life who needs to relax, this Bergamot Clay Mask from Marks and Spencer is a gift worth giving! Giving to others is another way to feel good and so few men take the time to treat themselves to a facial mask, so why not NAB this one!

Hypervolt $513 - NAB NOW
I've been wanting one of these for a while now. Working out has been part of my routine for years and sometimes I overdue it and wake up barely able to walk! I don't often make time to visit a spa or therapist so I figure this is the best alternative. I've been noticing a few athletes and influencers I follow promoting the Hypervolt and I guess they've influenced the influencer, lol! If you're looking for ways to relieve muscle soreness, optimize your workouts and relieve stress, NAB one of these now!

Video Home Monitoring -NAB NOW
Peace of mind is the ultimate way to de-stress and this home security system available at One Comm is a a great gift idea for anyone. Receive alerts and notifications directly on your smart phone and check live video from anywhere  with this service. You really can't put a price on safety and keeping your loved ones safe is something that really does help you sleep well at night. This is a must-NAB for the holiday season.

Danielle Paynter

Danielle Paynter is the CEO and Founder of The NAB App and has developed a brand aesthetic that mixes creativity and fun to inspire shopping! #chooseBDA