Top 10 Must-NABS of the Week!

Nov 9, 2021

This week we're spending all our money getting ready for home entertaining and enjoying intimate moments around a dinner table this holiday season. The recent NAB Style Talk- Home Edition, really put us in the mood to think more intentionally around creating a warm and inviting space and we're so excited with the interesting, elegant and cool items we found locally!

If you watched the event live or caught the replay, you're probably on the same page and some of the key takeaways included:

  1. Shop with intention and look for items that provide form + function
  2. NAB  "liveable luxury" items that feel decadent and are actually used (not hidden away in your cupboards)
  3. Mix n match and have fun with patterns and prints
  4. Elevate your bar cart and have fun becoming a home mixologist
  5. Lighting, scent, music and flowers are a great way to make your space warm and your home inviting.

With all the great ideas and tips we got from the show, we've put together a list that we think you'll love. Don't bother wasting time and money shipping from overseas when everything you need is right here at your fingertips!

NAB the Edit!

Large Clam Shell Light $300 - NAB NOW
One of the key things highlighted during the NAB Style Talk was the importance of creating beautiful mood lighting and looking for interesting and unique pieces that reflect your personal style. All of these boxes were ticked with this incredibly gorgeous range of ocean inspired sandstone lighting available at Cassine. As soon as these were spotted, we wanted to NAB NOW and I'm sure you're thinking the same too!

Eucalyptus in Small Shell $120- NAB NOW
We love using high quality faux plants to add some greenery and natural feeling elements to our home and this eucalyptus in a shell vessel looks absolutely stunning. Place this on your console or entrance table and bring the outside in!

Duca Candleholder, polished brass $128 - NAB NOW
We are so in love with these brass candleholders we spotted at Atelerie. Candles are an essential element for most dinner tables and these brass candleholders are so elegant and also adjustable, allowing you to have fun with building your tablescape.

Vanilla Large Jar Candle $20- NAB NOW
During the Style Talk we talked a lot about using candles to create warmth but also to fill your home with a gorgeous scent. It's a great way to add another dimension to your space and helps to make your home feel inviting for your guests. These large jar candles are a great value and perfect to put in your entrance way, on your mantel or anywhere you want to fill with a memorable scent.

Hammered Wine Tub $75 - Available in-store only
Livable Luxury was a key theme throughout the night and this hammered metal champagne tub I spotted at Island Trading is a luxurious touch to any event your hosting. Fill it with your fave brand of bubbles and use it as a centrepiece that is not only gorgeous but makes it easy for your guests to refill their glasses.

Embossed Glass $12- NAB NOW
Lindsay from Planning Factory talked about how she loves to mix n match interesting glassware and crystal on her dinner table. It helps to create a unique table and also often leads to conversation as guests inquire about the glass they are using. We NAB'd these green embossed glasses from ESC and think they are so cool that we leave them out on display as well. Have fun collecting glasses like these in your travels and NAB a few at ESC as well.

Cement Wine Bottle Holder $39.99 - NAB NOW
Most holiday entertaining includes vino and we love the modern and clean design of this cement wine bottle holder we spotted at La Petite Soiree! This would be a welcome addition to any table and blend into your event theme. It also would make a great hostess gift and can be used for wine or maybe flowers as well! Check out LPS for lots of other gifts and be the guest that everyone remembers,

Orion Bar Tools Kit $139.95- NAB NOW
Many of us have experienced a shift in some of the needs our homes need to serve and acting as a place where we entertain and socialize is top of the list. If you're missing those evenings at your fave bar, why not create one at home and NAB a few tools that help you craft delicious cocktails your guests will love! This elegant and modern set we spotted at People's Pharmacy would be a perfect addition to most bar carts and and has all the essentials for the home mixologist.

Orangerie Wrapped Soap $22 - NAB NOW
Another idea that was discussed during the Style Talk was making guests feel special by sending them off with a little gift. It helps keep the feeling of joy and connection going long after the event and is a way to make your event memorable. These beautifully wrapped soaps we spotted at Cassine are filled with notes of wild orange blossom, juniper, and musk and are perfect as hostess gifts, stocking stuffers and more!

Marquesa Ceramic Black and White Platter $125- NAB NOW
Even the simplest food can make a statement on this beautiful black and white platter. During the Style Talk, Liz highlighted her use of interesting serveware to make an impression with guests and Lindsay mentioned using unique plates as wall art and we think this platter from Hamma Galleries ticks all the boxes of form + function. Elevate your next party or even your wall art with fun platters like these!

Danielle Paynter

Danielle Paynter is the CEO and Founder of The NAB App and has developed a brand aesthetic that mixes creativity and fun to inspire shopping! #chooseBDA