Top 10 Must-NABS of the Week!

Oct 12, 2021

Ok, so the Top 10 is all about thinking about if we had some money to spend shopping, what would we buy? Deciding on only 10 items is the toughest part about putting this list together as there's so much we want to NAB from our incredible local retailers!

This week was all about throwing dinner parties and looking fab while doing it! We were also thinking about how to keep an eye on all these online delivery orders we're placing with local retailers and making sure our packages stay safe.

We found some pretty cool stuff to NAB and as the holiday season approaches, there are a few items we think will make perfect gifts as well! Check out the list below and make sure to NAB NOW, with so many amazing things available locally, shopping overseas just seems like a waste of time and money!

NAB the Edit!

Indoor/Outdoor Camera starting at $15/month- NAB NOW
With all the online ordering we plan to do with local retailers this holiday season, this is the perfect addition to our home. We can watch and record an encrypted live feed from our phone, tablet or computer and we don't even have to be in Bermuda to do it!

Soft Touch Knitted Belted Midi Jumper Dress $95- NAB NOW
This dress is so comfy and chic and can be worn for many occasions and with so many types of shoes. As the weather gets colder and you want something to easily throw on  for those Zoom meetings, this dress is perfect.

Dewar's White Label $37- NAB NOW
Did you see my post about my new fave Fall cocktail, the Whisky spritz? Dewar's is the main spirit in this delicious cocktail that you're gonna want to make at your next happy hour at home!

12" Tapered Candles $4- NAB NOW
No dinner party is complete without the perfect candle lit table. These Northern Lights tapered candles in Fall hues helped create the perfect ambiance at our last dinner party and were a gorgeous compliment to our flowers from GiMi!

Flowers from GiMi- NAB NOW
We recently hosted a dinner party and I really wanted an Autumn inspired tablescape in rich hues of oranges, golds and greens. I sent the florist at GiMi a picture I found on Pinterest and she recreated this incredible flower centrepiece that pared perfect with gold votive holders and those tapered candles above! As guests arrived, the first thing they mentioned were the gorgeous flowers and table setting and it really was worth it to go the extra step!

Aura Inner Beauty Dew Drops- available in-store only
If you watched the video on NAB's instagram, you know all about these Dew Drops. As we move into repair mode and get our skin and body back on track after a hot and crazy summer, this elixer is just as good for nourishing us from the outside as it is from the inside. We wake up and put on after washing our face and serums, then also add to our morning smoothie to reap the beauty benefits from within!

Drova Knee High Suede Boots $745- NAB NOW
Boots are a perfect Fall/Winter staple and these gorgeous ones from the brand, Iro Paris, are def on the Must-NAB list! We love the colour and can imagine pairing these with that knit dress we mentioned earlier!

Emelly Fedora- available in-store only
Ok, so I was in Lusso this past weekend and saw and tried on this hat and it's gorgeous! It's part of the new Ted Baker collection that has just hit the sales floor and as expected, there's limited quantities. If you like this hat, NAB NOW because I guarantee it won't last long!

Kayyti Coat- available in-store only
I absolutely LOVE this coat and if I hadn't already exhausted my shopping budget for the month, I would have NAB'd it! If my size is still there next month, I'm def NABbing. The colour is amazing, it's so plush and the perfect cold weather jacket for any travel you have planned this season.

Faux Leather Trousers $125- available in-store only
Chocolate browns are definitely trending this season and as soon as I saw these faux leather pants, I had to have them! They are part of the new Gerry Weber collection @ Boutique CC and I can imagine creating so many fashionable looks that will take me all the way into Spring.

Danielle Paynter

Danielle Paynter is the CEO and Founder of The NAB App and has developed a brand aesthetic that mixes creativity and fun to inspire shopping! #chooseBDA