The NAB List: 28 Beauty Products We Use Every Day

Aug 18, 2020

You can probably tell from my feed and stories that I love beauty products! I am one of those people that will go into Sephora and spend hours looking and trying everything from hair sprays to lipsticks and totally giving myself a makeover before I walk out. (Anyone else do that? lol!)

With travel at a halt and my focus on local products, I've lately become exposed to so many new and incredible products that I can try in store or buy online and my beauty arsenal has become a showcase of amazing local NABs! Every now and then, someone messages me asking about my skin care routine or my makeup look and asks what products I use, so I decided to compile a list of what I use every day that you can buy locally!

For the Body

(Some of these products are available online)

RMS Beauty Body Oil (100% organic!)- Available at Cassine- ($80)- BUY
Alba Botanical Hawaiian Detox Lotion (currently sold out, but hopefully restocked soon!)- Available at Supermart
Feal Earthly Shea Butter Moisturizer (The best shea butter I have ever used!)- Available at Feal Earthly- ($15)- BUY
Saipua Goat Milk Soap with Basil (This smells and suds up amazing and comes in other scents!)- Available at Tuck Shop- ($23)
French Girl Mint Sea Polish (currently sold out, but hopefully restocked soon!)- Available at Salt + Cedar- ($58)- BUY
Royal Jelly Intensive Body Cream- Available at M&S- ($10)

For the Hair

(Products only available in store, but worth the visit!)

Mizani Moisture Rich Shampoo- Available at The Salon Store- ($25.97)
Mizani Styling Foam Wrap- Available at The Salon Store- ($23.64)
Redken Extreme Mega Mask- Available at The Salon Store- ($29.68)
Bomb Goo (The strongest hold gel I have ever used!)- Available at Peoples- ($22.95)
Moon Juice Super Hair (Beauty starts from within!)- Available at Tuck Shop- ($83)
Mizani Miracle Milk- Available at The Salon Store- ($38.16)
Mizani Miracle Oil- Available at The Salon Store- ($29.68)

For the Face

(Majority available to purchase online!)

Green People Facial Sunscreen (no white cast!)- Available at Cassine- ($30)- BUY
Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum- Available at Gibbons- ($78)- BUY
Aura Beauty Glow Serum- Available at Aura Beauty- ($72)- BUY
Pestle & Mortar Vitamin C 2 Phase Serum (great for brightening your face and getting your glow on!)- Available at Gibbons- ($120)- BUY
French Girl Neroli Creme Fraiche- Available at Salt + Cedar- ($72)- BUY
Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (gentle exfoliation to remove dead skins cells!)- Available at 59 Front- ($34.50)

For the Makeup

(You can tell I'm an RMS Girl! lol! All available to purchase online!)

Ardell Naked Lashes #422- Available at Peoples- ($6.95)
Duo Quick Set Striplash Adhesive- Available at Peoples- ($8.95)
RMS Defining Mascara- Available at Cassine- ($38)- BUY
RMS Living Luminizer- Available at Cassine- ($48)- BUY
RMS “Un” Cover Cream Foundation (I use #66)- Available at Cassine- ($46)- BUY
Elf Hydrating Face Primer (I really use the Elf poreless face primer, but it's sold out at the moment, so NAB this one instead!)- Available at Peoples- ($18.55)
Axiology Soft Cream Lipstick (Lol! My latest obsession)- Available at Salt + Cedar- ($44)- BUY
RMS “Un” Powder (I use translucent but their are various shades available)- Available at Cassine- ($44)- BUY
RMS Luminizing Powder Madeira Bronzer- Available at Cassine- ($48)- BUY

So, there you have it! I can't believe I even use that many beauty products to get myself together, lol! Anyway, clear your shelfs, there are so many amazing beauty NABs to add to your routine, all available locally! Stop wasting time ordering in items when there are so many options you can buy online and have delivered tomorrow!

Happy NABbing!


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