Our Favourite Island Trading Must-NABS for September

Aug 31, 2021

The May Retail Sales Index Report was recently published showing that building material sales are booming because of all the home renovation and building projects taking place across the Island. It's no wonder..we're all spending more time at home and it just makes sense to make your sanctuary as comfortable as possible.  With all these home improvement projects going on, many shoppers are looking for furniture and home decor to compliment their refreshed spaces and NAB is here to help.

We were recently in Island Trading checking out some of the new items that are hitting the sales floor and there were quite a few things that caught our eye. Island Trading is known for high quality furniture that has been curated for Bermuda's lifestyle and weather and we were inspired to showcase some of our fave finds so far this month. Island Trading is unloading new shipments all the time, so I expect this list will grow, but this is what we want to NAB NOW!

This versatile and multi-purpose table is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. If you need more storage space, prep space or want a bar for your in-home entertaining, make sure to NAB this now! ($1,375)

This end table can do double duty as a stool as well. With it's iridescent sheen, it's a great way to add a fresh and elevated vibe to your home. ($375)

We love simple, clean, Scandinavian type design and this dresser has the perfect neutral look to suit many homes. ($1,775)

These baskets fit perfectly with the Bar Keep table and are perfect for making your junk look great! Use them to store cleaning supplies, extra linens, toilet paper or your crafting supplies. ($65)

We love bench style seating and this upholstered sofa is made with Grade AA fabric which is perfect if you want durable furniture that can withstand kids and pets. ($3,950)

We recently broke a lamp and I was so attracted to this gorgeous table lamp that just reminds me of the deep blue ocean. ($550)

How amazing is this hanging chair! The perfect addition to a covered porch, a sitting room or a sanctuary to relax and read a book in your bedroom. This will be the first thing your guests will want to sit in when they arrive! ($4,750)

We love poufs in our house as extra seating, somewhere to kick up our feet or to use as a resting spot for a tray of treats :) ($525)

This picture does not do this mirror justice, it's so gorgeous in person and next time you visit Island Trading, make sure to check it out. Replace your boring bathroom mirror or hang on your vanity for a touch of "wow" to your space! ($395)

Can you sense a theme...we love multi-purpose home items and here's another beautiful end table that can be multi-functional and fit within almost any home vibe you have going on. ($450)

If you're still working from home or just want a lamp that will add some elegance to your desk, check this lamp out. The bronze colour is totally on-trend and is a beautiful addition to your home. ($250)

Danielle Paynter

Danielle Paynter is the CEO and Founder of The NAB App and has developed a brand aesthetic that mixes creativity and fun to inspire shopping! #chooseBDA