Jun 25, 2020

Ok, so chocolate and coffee, arguably the best combination ever! They just feel so right together, like cookies and cream or peanut butter and jelly #yum! With summer here and the weather heating up...the other thing that just feels so right is ice-cream and I've been jonesing for the creamy, cold deliciousness, so just decided to make my own.

I stumbled across a recipe that included kit-kats and decided to take it up a notch by using dark chocolate chips (instead of semisweet chocolate chips), mixing in white chocolate and dark chocolate kit-kats and topping it off with creamy coffee whip made with Nescafé instant coffee! It's honestly the best tasting ice-cream I have ever had and it was so super easy to make.

Check out the recipe and let me know what you think! BONUS...if you purchase 1 Nescafé coffee and 2 Kit Kats, you can enter to WIN some cool prizes from BGA!! Click here to learn more!!

Step 1: Make the Ice-Cream!

Step 2: Make the Dalgona Coffee!

(After the ice-cream has been in the freezer for 6 hours or overnight)

After whipping up the frothy, creamy coffee over ice cream and ENJOY!

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Danielle Paynter

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