Grandaddy's Johnny Bread Recipe

Jun 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day!

I hope you and your family are enjoying this time together and making Dad feel special! It feels like this year is even more important as we've really had to pull together as a family to manage the challenges that this period in history has presented us. Dads play such an important role in keeping the family anchored and strong and I've had to really lean on Cris this year to 'juggle the struggle.'

I woke up this morning reflecting on other important father figures in my life and images and memories of my Granddaddy swirled in my head. My parents divorced when I was young and my Dad wasn't really present, so my Granddad was the guy that spoiled me, took me on outings and would always give me pocket money when my Mom said 'no!' One of the other major memories I have of him is making Johnny Bread on Sunday mornings in a cast iron skillet. I chuckle as I remember him watching it like a hawk to make sure it didn't burn...but sometimes it did...but it was still super delicious!

My Grandad, Kingsford Bean.

In memory of my Grandad, one of the most important men in my life, I've decided to share his Johnny Bread recipe on Father's Day so that others can start creating memories with this traditional Bermudian sweet bread.


The Johnny Bread I made for Father's Day 2020

Alexandra Mosher is a talented Bermudian jewellery designer who hand-crafts her pieces which are inspired by Bermuda and all its beauty. As I presented my family with my freshly made Johnny Bread, a traditional Bermudian sweet bread, it made sense to pair it with a few sterling silver pieces from Alexandra Mosher, another Bermudian staple!

Enjoying my Johnny Bread while wearing some pieces from Alexandra Mosher

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