Danielle's Top Picks

Dec 20, 2021

NAB's Founder, Danielle Paynter is always on the hunt for great gifts and ideas to to inspire local shopping. Spending so much time perusing local online sites and visiting the many stores across the Island often leads to discovering some great finds that will delight almost anyone on your list!

It's the last few days before Christmas so our Founder is sharing all the items that have caught her eye recently and are going to either end up under the tree or in her own closet! With so many fantastic items available locally, it's hard to imagine wasting time and money shipping anything in and we're making it easy to just NAB LOCAL!

Check out our picks and have a very Merry Christmas!

Danielle Paynter

Danielle Paynter is the CEO and Founder of The NAB App and has developed a brand aesthetic that mixes creativity and fun to inspire shopping! #chooseBDA