Cool Home Finds to Elevate Your Interior

Aug 24, 2021

We know a lot of locals love a cool and stylish look as they head into work, out on the town, or even to the grocery store, but we think having a stylish space is just as important. Our personal home style is a fresh, beachy vibe, but there's so much more to find in Bermuda from Bohemian luxe to modern minimalism that can help you recreate those dreamy Pinterest looks you've probably been coveting.

We know from experience that it's tempting to just order online from overseas retailers to NAB the things you need, but that often comes with long wait times, expensive shipping/duty costs and sometimes disappointment as you realize that the item doesn't fit your space or isn't quite the colour you expected. Instead of shopping overseas, take a look at some of the items we found to purchase online from local retailers: there's everything from geometric throw pillows, to coloured coup glasses and velvet couches that will make your sitting room pop! Each of these finds would be on our list to help us achieve an elevated interior and hopefully  this post will inspire you to check out the featured retailers online or in-store!

Accent your sofa with these cool pillows that will make even the least expensive couch look luxe!

Mariner Cotton Tile Decorative Pillow- $34- NAB NOW
Geo Green Pillow 18x18- $98- NAB NOW
Ayesha Curry Zare Geo Square Pillow- $39.99- NAB NOW

Set up your dream vanity or add some natural elements to your wall with these cool mirrors.

Moroccan Eye Mirror- $65- NAB NOW
Raw Edge Mirror- $390- NAB NOW

Go wild with these luxe animal prints.

Justina Blakeney x Loloi Feroz Rug Collection 4x6- $350- NAB NOW
Justina Blakeney Chi Chi with Tassels Pillow- $78- NAB NOW

Thees mushroom style desk lamps are definitely on trend and will add a sleek style to your WFH setup.

Lancer Desk Lamp- $336- NAB NOW
Ula Table Lamp- $282- NAB NOW

These modern bar carts can do double duty as plant holders or consoles.

Ferm Plant Box Two-Tier- $510- NAB NOW
Dory Bar Cart- $1,350- NAB NOW

These side tables are not your average table and the terrazzo one can double as a stool!

Uma Metal Acrylic Accent Table- $317- NAB NOW
Lina End Table- White Terrazzo- $340- NAB NOW

Drinks just taste better when they're served in a stylish glass!

Sir/Madam Rialto Glass Coupe Thistle- $38- NAB NOW
True Brands Gem Crystal Highball Glass- $42.95- NAB NOW

Neutral colours that could fit with any home or vibe.

Uma Fiber Clay Pot Dark Grey Set- $114.95- NAB NOW
Uma Metal Gold White Planter Set- $181- NAB NOW

Having a fur baby doesn't have to impact your home style, check out these cool finds.

Trimaran Stripe Wouf- starting at $145.75- NAB NOW
Macrame Leash- $75- NAB NOW
Wild One Bowl- $37- NAB NOW

Store the junk in these natural baskets to keep your home looking tidy.

Hawkins New York Woven Basket- starting at $90- NAB NOW
Tambo Basket with Leather Handles- $228- NAB NOW

Stay on time.

UMA Wall Clock- $214.95- NAB NOW
Agate Clock- $125- NAB NOW

Add a pop of colour to your living room.

Sophia Sofa in Blue Velvet- $3,955- NAB NOW

Lovin the beach vibe with these accent pieces.

Glass with Copper Trim Mirror Lantern- $39- NAB NOW
Ferm Shell Pot- $150- NAB NOW

Serve your guests or hang on a wall, this tray is cool!

Looking Good Lap Tray- $28- NAB NOW

You'll love displaying these on your counter top.

Teak Folding Fruit Bowl- $68- NAB NOW
Menu North America Bottle Grinders- $149- NAB NOW

This chess set is just so modern and sleek and pampas grass just always feels luxe.

Chess Set- $250- NAB NOW
Pampas Grass- $25/stem- NAB NOW

With cooler weather on the way, this personal fire place is great for putting on your dinner table to keep warm. This soap dish will add a touch of elegance to my bathroom and keep the soap from dripping everywhere.

Flikrfire Personal Firepit- $135- NAB NOW
Anaya Home Rainbow Sandstone Soap Dish- $55- NAB NOW

Danielle Paynter

Danielle Paynter is the CEO and Founder of The NAB App and has developed a brand aesthetic that mixes creativity and fun to inspire shopping! #chooseBDA