15 Black Owned Beauty Brands to NAB at People's

Jun 14, 2020

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There are an incredible amount of amazing black owned and founded beauty brands that have always filled the shelves at People's. As many of the large powerhouse pharmacies in the US play catch up and start making an effort to be more inclusive and diverse in their beauty aisle, local pharmacies like People's have always had a wide range of options for all skin and hair types. These beauty products are developed and formulated with darker skin and afro hair in mind, and they work!

Even though there are many brands that cater to darker skin tones and natural hair, not all of them are actually black owned or founded. The next level in supporting the black community and encouraging diversity is making an effort to buy from black entrepreneurs that are creating products, specifically for minority customers. There are so many brands that fall into this category at People's Pharmacy and we've selected 15 brands to check out next time you're in store or online!

Surishae + Co

If you've already got a Surishae + Co product on your bathroom shelf, I wouldn't be surprised. This is a Bermudian, black founded brand that is one of People's hottest items that constantly has to be restocked! There are so many reasons to NAB Surishae + Co products, including the fact that they are plant powered, high quality and handmade in Bermuda! Check out their best-selling products, as well as the new addition, The Luxe Silk Bonnet.

PS.. also check out my IGTV "10 Beauty Essentials to "add to cart" " where I talk about the Hair Therapy Oil from Surishae +Co.

Shop Surishae + Co beauty at People's

Black Opal

Black Opal is a well known beauty brand that caters to darker skin tones. The brand was originally founded in 1994 by a chemist for his wife of Jamaican decent who had difficulties finding makeup for women of colour. Since then, it's been acquired by two black women, making it an officially black owned brand! The brand is known for offering great solutions for women that suffer from hyperpigmentation and they also have great products for oil control and shade matching!

Shop Black Opal beauty @ People's

Honey Pot

The Honey Pot Company is a plant-based, black-owned feminine care brand that was founded by Beatrice Dixon, 1 of the first 40 women of color to raise $1 million in venture capital. I've talked about this brand before on my IGTV video, "5 Products We Have on Repeat" and I continue to love these products, especially the Everyday Herbal Infused Pantyliners and the Normal Wipes. Make sure to check out this brand in the feminine care aisle the next time you're at People's or order online!

Shop Honey Pot @ People's

FAAYV Cosmetics

FAAYV Cosmetics is a Bermudian, black owned cosmetic company that offers makeup that is richly pigmented and perfect for darker skin tones. All of the products are made with the highest quality standards and totally on trend. Check them out online or pick up one of their makeup palettes next time you're in People's!

Shop FAAYV Cosmetics @ People's

TGIN ( Thank God It's Natural)

Founded by Chris-Tia Donaldson,  a Harvard grad and cancer survivor, TGIN is a natural hair and skin care line. Chris-Tia started the line when she found it difficult to find products for kinky, curly and wavy textures and she decided to take matters into her own hands. Check out the line, including her best selling Green Tea Super Moist Leave In Conditioner available at People's.

Shop TGIN @ People's


Alaffia handcrafts award-winning clean, green skin and hair care with fair trade ingredients that support community empowerment projects in West Africa. Co-founded by a black man from Togo, Alaffia is redefining natural beauty and produces incredible products that give back. Alaffia means a state of peace, health, and well-being and that's totally how I feel after using their black soap and whipped shea butter!

Shop Alaffia @ People's

Thermal Hair Care Inc.

Founded by Sandra Snell, a professional hair stylist who recognized the importance of regular deep conditioning, but didn't have the time as a busy new mother to sit under a hooded dryer. Sandra created Hot Head Thermal Caps, the original flax filled, microwavable, deep conditioning heat cap. I personally have one of these and love the freedom it allows as I enjoy a salon-quality deep conditioning, while getting on with other tasks at home.

Shop Hot Head @ People's

Uncle Funky's Daughter

Owned by CCO (Chief Curl Officer), Renee Rhoten Morris, this brand offers sustainable, chemical-free hair care products for curly haired girls. Check out their best selling products, Curly Magic and Extra Butter that will help tame frizz and keep your curls moisturized all through the summer.

Shop Uncle Funky's Daughter @ People's

Camille Rose

This brand is the result of a Mom trying to find a natural solution for her son's chronic eczema problems and has since morphed into a multi-million dollar company. Janell Stephens is a Mom of five with tons of perseverance and talent and Camille Rose products are coveted by millions! Check out some of her best selling products at People's and experience what everyone is talking about!

Shop Camille Rose @ People's

Camryn's BFF

This brand is part of the Firstline Group, a black owned company founded in the 1980's, and is a line of hair accessories for the young tween fashionista. I recently purchased the Gentle Edges Brush to help smooth down the hair edges and I love the selection of hair scarfs and scrunchies People's has for kids.

Shop Camryn's BFF @ People's

Shea Moisture

I love the story around Shea Moisture and it's foundation that has been built on a woman from Sierra Leone. Sofi Tucker sold Shea Nuts at the village market and created and sold Shea Butter, African Black Soap and homemade hair and skin preparations all over the African countryside. Since then, the Shea Moisture brand has grown and now includes a complete range of products that are natural and sustainably produced. Check out the wide selection available at People's.

Shop Shea Moisture @ People's

The Mane Choice

Mane Choice products are on every blog about black owned beauty brands to know and beauty editors are always talking about how great the products are. This brand really took off when its founder, Courtney Adeleye documented her healthy hair care journey and showed the difference her product mixes made to her hair. Her best selling Hair Growth + Retention Vitamins are currently sold out at People's but you can NAB many of her other products...I can't wait to try!

Shop Mane Choice @ People's

Nubian Heritage

This brand was created by two black men, fresh out of college, with no jobs who wanted to bring the healing traditions of African Black Soap and Shea Butter to the community they loved. This brand really believes in giving back and the shea butter used is sourced ethically from seven women's co-ops in Northern Ghana where the brand works with over 700 women who are paid ethical wages as co-op members in a healthy environment. Check out the brand, which also includes deodorants and lotions at People's!

Shop Nubian Heritage @ People's

Sunny Isle

The story behind this brand is super inspirational and a husband and wife team, with Jamaican heritage, started this company with $50 that they used to purchase a gallon of Jamaican black castor oil and brought back in their suitcase. Since then the Company has blossomed into a multi-million dollar brand that is sold in Walmart. Check out the products that rely on the amazing power of Jamaican black castor oil to help with hair growth and healthy hair.

Shop Sunny Isle @ People's

Black Girl Sunscreen- COMING SOON!

Black Girl Sunscreen probably does not require much of an introduction and if you are exposed to any media, you've probably seen this brand everywhere! This sunscreen was created by Shontay Lundy and the name says everything..it's sunscreen that has been purposely formulated with darker skin tones in mind. That means no white cast on your skin, no sunscreen smell and it goes on like lotion. It's easy to apply and not only protects you from the UV rays but also moisturizes and nourishes your skin.

This product is on Island, but yet to hit the shelves at Peoples and once it does, I guarantee it will be flying off the shelves!

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